Dog walker ‘disgusted’ to find popular woodland path being used ‘like a toilet’

A dog walker has described a popular woodland path as ‘disgusting’ after finding it littered with broken glass, faeces and tissues.

The path around the Enterprise Park outside Forres is popular with workers from the local businesses and people from Forres who walk their dogs.

Gemma Johnson contacted us to say: “I’ve walked my dogs here for years and over the past couple of days one part of the woods has become littered with poo. I thought it was from dogs at first, but then I noticed dozens of discarded dirty tissues along the treeline and I think someone is using it as a toilet.”

“There’s also broken beer bottles strewn across the path which could be dangerous for dogs walking there and just generally spoiling what is a nice quiet area.

“It’s absolutely disgusting and I won’t be walking there for a while.”

Nearby, a gated field which is part of the Enterprise Park owned by HIE has been occupied by members of the travelling community. Four caravans have been parked in the grassy area off the road behind the park for about a fortnight.

A spokesman from HIE said: “Travellers remain on the Enterprise Park Forres. We are in contact with our agents and the authorities with a view to resolving the situation.”

beer bottles discarded on the path
Beer bottles discarded on the path at the Enterprise Park

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