Disabled parking bays are being added to Forres high street

Parking for disabled badge holders is being introduced on Forres High Street. Signs have appeared next to three bays already being used by motorists to access high street shops.

However, Moray Council have postponed the painting of the bays on the tarmac due to cold weather.

The bays are being marked into existing on-street parking along the high street, at:

  • Next to St Laurence Church
  • Opposite the Market Cross
  • Opposite the Co-op

A council spokesperson said: “The installation of road markings for the disabled parking at Forres High Street has been delayed due to the cold weather which can affect how well the paint adheres to the road. The installation of these markings will be re-programmed when the temperature rises.”

This will be the first time that parking for the disabled has been exclusively marked on this street, and will make it easier for those with a blue badge to park here.

Remember that parking is free throughout the town centre with car parks close to the high street at

  • Leys Road
  • Leask Road
  • Tulloch Park
  • South Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Orchard Road

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1 thought on “Disabled parking bays are being added to Forres high street”

  1. Wow. This has taken far too long. I’ve given up trying to shop on the High Street for years as it is impossible to find a space. This might actually get me out of the house and away from Amazon.


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