Dallas Dhu distillery to re-open and start producing whisky again

The historic Dallas Dhu Distillery is to re-open as a working distillery and state-of-the-art visitor attraction.

Aceo, a prominent company in the Scotch whisky industry, has unveiled today that they will be reopening the Victorian distillery, built in 1898.

The company aims to bring the distillery back into production for the first time since 1983.

Managing Director of Aceo, Edward Odim said: “The Aceo Team are thrilled to be reopening the historic Dallas Dhu Distillery.

“Our vision is to make Dallas Dhu one of the leading, must-see whisky distilleries in Scotland, giving visitors a unique, close-up experience of whisky making. The aim is to breathe life back into the distillery by first getting the original equipment working and traditional whisky distilling going once again.”

Aceo’s commitment to giving back to the community and sustainability is at the forefront of the restoration project, with plans to minimise environmental impact and enhance wildlife and biodiversity at the site. Additionally, the distillery will serve as an educational hub to learn about the science and artistry behind whisky production.

Historic fabric

Aceo is committed to preserving the historic fabric of Dallas Dhu and its unique heritage, while embracing modern technologies for sustainable distilling practices, with their goal being to create a destination that celebrates Scotch whisky and its enduring legacy.

“Longer term, the plan is for a state-of-the-art visitor centre with exhibition and museum space, and a café/restaurant, to be enjoyed by visitors and the local community. There will be a cooperage display, a working malt floor and an interactive virtual reality whisky experience, exploring Scotland’s famous spirit.” explained Mr Odim.

“But, as well as showing how whisky is made, we intend to shed light on the sometimes hard social and economic history of whisky production in Speyside, Scotland’s largest whisky-producing region.

“We are very excited by the Dallas Dhu Distillery revival project, which has so much potential. It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get going on reviving this jewel in the crown of Scotland’s whisky distilleries.”

As part of the project, together with local organisations, Aceo will host an array of events including art exhibitions, workshops, concerts and cèilidhs – the hope is for Dallas Dhu to become a hub of community life for all to enjoy. Aceo’s investment in Dallas Dhu Distillery will create jobs, increase tourism and economic activity in the area.

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