Crowdfunding campaign for electronic trousers will bring gift of mobility

A business duo have launched a £10,000 crowdfunding campaign to bring wearable technology to the aid of people in a wheelchair.

Darnaway business partners Jude Simms and Dave Powney have developed an ‘exoskeleton’ that slides on like a pair of trousers to allow more function following a debilitating injury or illness, and need to raise funds to bring it to the UK market.

The MYGO is a patent pending, soft garment with built in printed conductive electrodes. It creates and boosts electrical signals to different nerves and muscles sequentially, throughout the body, helping patients stand, walk, and move functionally, where previously they were unable, or with difficulty.

Different parameters can be set through a mobile app.

Dave said: “Imagine being able to stand and walk, having been in a wheelchair for years, following a stroke, spinal cord injury or other debilitating illness.

“We have seen our patients achieve so much more function since they started testing MYGO.

“Our mission is to develop our affordable, innovative, wearable technology to improve the mobility and the lives of spinal cord injured patients, and those with neurological disabilities – globally.”

“There are an estimated one billion people worldwide who have a neurological disorder such as Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, and every year, around the world, between 250,000 and 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI) or a traumatic brain injury. Over 75% of these people would benefit from our product.”


Meeting the crowdfunding target will allow them to offer a MYGO garment for £1000. Funders can also buy discounts and support packages to help the company, Move4ward to reach its goal by 7 February 2022 at Indigogo.

Jude added: “We have working prototypes, which we have tested with a small cohort of patients, who have suffered from Spinal Cord Injury, MS & Stroke. The initial results from these pilot studies have been very favourable.

“With the MYGO, a T6 (Complete) paraplegic patient has been able to stand-up, sit down, stand independently and step.

“A patient with MS who had been previously wheelchair bound and immobile for 10 years is able to walk independently with a walking aid, whilst wearing the MYGO.”

Jude Is an experienced specialist Neuro Physiotherapist and Team Lead with over 25 years’ experience working, specialising in rehabilitation, in both the UK’s NHS and the private sector.  

David Is an award winning movement practitioner, who develops mobility solutions for patients with neurological conditions. David also owns and manages a private physiotherapy & rehabilitation practice.

Crowdfunding packages start at £100.

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