Business couple set sights on Findhorn beach for slot machine arcade

Update: since it’s after midday, it’s only fair that we let you know this was an April Fool’s joke.

A husband and wife team who run several slot machine arcades say they can boost tourism in the area by putting one at a local beauty spot.

The couple, who have several business interests in the north-east, say that they have researched several areas for the venture, and Findhorn has come up as the most popular location, based on the level of traffic it gets and the average disposable income of visitors to the area.

Gail and Sandy MacHair from Montrose have small but popular arcades at beaches along the east coast. The installation at Findhorn will be made of larch and the favoured site is in the space between the huts and the car park.

Gail said: “We’ve been watching Findhorn for a while, it’s developing rapidly. It’s got huge potential for us to site a small operation and grow it depending on popularity. We’ve got a new motorhome park, beach huts, a marina and one of the best beaches on the Moray Coast. “

Gail said that it wouldn’t have neon lights and loud music, but they have indicated that if it grows in popularity they will extend it.

Deck chairs

“We’ve spoken to the planners and already agreed to widen the car park. We’ve done a lot of work to make sure it fits in with the surroundings. We’ll be using solar panels and battery storage for electricity, water will be piped from a nearby facility, and we’re considering hiring out deck chairs in the summer months. We’ll have a few slot machines and a small shop to start with, but we think it will be popular. If it takes off, we’ll install a kitchen and an outdoor seating area so we can serve food.

“We know people don’t want it to look like Blackpool. But we will respond to market forces, and if we outgrow our wooden hut, we’ll make it bigger.”

Sandy added: “The motorhome park has room for around 20 vehicles, that’s more than a village in these parts, and they’ll bring new customers every day. We’ve operated small and large units in beach towns and they’re a huge hit. We’ve spoken to people in Findhorn, and there is a bit of resistance, but you watch, they’ll be the ones queuing up to try and grab a teddy.

The arcade is expected to open in July.

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