Bar owner devastated by Covid closure after ‘doing everything right’

The Mosset Tavern, a popular pub and restaurant in Forres, has closed with immediate effect after a staff member tested positive for Covid-19.

Owner Gordon Brailsford issued a video statement on the venue’s Facebook page expressing his devastation after doing ‘everything right’. He also explained the measures that had been put in place from the start and what he was doing now following the discovery.

Gordon said in his video: “I am devastated. Because from day one we’ve done everything right.

“We did the Track and Trace before it was mandatory, face coverings before they were mandatory. We were washing hands and sanitising long before it was cool.

“And despite our exceptional best efforts, a member of staff has tested positive for Covid-19.”

He emphasised that the virus wasn’t contracted on the premises, and that they have been able to trace it back.

The Mosset Tavern has been widely praised during lockdown for its approach to the rules, and has adapted its operation to comply. The video has received hundreds of positive comments praising the landlord for his proactive approach to the safety measures.

Doing everything right

Talking directly to his customers, he said: “As your safety is paramount, we have taken the decision to close with immediate effect.

“We have reported it to the authorities, we’re working closely with them, but you’ll be informed [by NHS Track and Trace] if you were dining with us on the days affected.

“I would like to assure you that we’re doing everything right and we will get the place back up and running as soon as we think it’s safe to do so.

“it’s not a question of keeping the tills going or keeping that side of the business running, it’s about keeping you safe, and ensuring the spread of Covid-19 is not aided by ourselves.”

The closure comes just as new measures started which limit opening hours and the sale of alcohol in pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants.

The Mosset Tavern was one day into its newly-designed ‘Operation Curfew’, a four-way operation that allowed for indoor dining, outdoor drinking, delivery and takeaway that complied with the new rules that prevent alcohol being served indoors, and eateries opening after 6pm.

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