Bank of Scotland tells MSP they’re ‘listening to the community’

The Bank of Scotland have told MSP Richard Lochhead that they’re listening to the community when he met them recently to urge them to reconsider closing the Forres branch in July.

And it seems that despite telling him that, they also told him their feedback from customers was ‘largely positive’.

Mr Lochhead said: “The bank seem firmly of the view that low footfall and the availability of banking services at the Post Office make their decision a reasonable one. However, I conveyed to them my own strong view that as the last bank in town they have a responsibility to exhaust all options to remain open to provide banking services to the local community.

“I was somewhat surprised when their representatives told me that feedback from customers about their decision has been largely positive. This certainly isn’t the response I’m hearing as local MSP and I know many residents and businesses feel angry that Bank of Scotland and the other big banks have all now abandoned their community.

Campaign feedback ‘largely negative’

Forres Local have been collecting opinions on the bank closure, and feedback has been the exact opposite. More than 300 people have reacted negatively to the closure, with zero positive responses.

Mr Lochhead added: “I made a strong plea to the bank to review and reconsider their decision and to allow the community the opportunity to at least retain the service on a use it or lose it basis. The bank tell me they’re listening to the local community but that they are unlikely to be persuaded to keep the branch open.”

Forres Local will present our findings to Richard Lochhead, MP Douglas Ross and the Bank of Scotland to clearly show that the feeling is not largely positive. To add your name to the ‘Save Our Bank’ campaign see: Bank of Scotland – are you listening?

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11 thoughts on “Bank of Scotland tells MSP they’re ‘listening to the community’”

  1. I only joined this bank last autumn. One of the first questions I asked the teller was will this bank close any time soon. She replied, not any time soon. Now it is to be closed. Not good enough.

  2. What are businesses and the elderly (who don’t use internet banking) supposed to do? Go to Elgin or Nairn instead of popping down to the local High Street?

  3. I want a local bank where I can do face to face banking. I believe this still to be the safest way and secure .I’ve banked in forres for over 40 years.please don’t close this branch. The size of Forres needs a bank

  4. Have they taken into consideration the older generation that don’t do online banking ,have no transportation to get them to Elgin or Nairn ,there are occasions that you like to speak to someone I myself changed banks for this very reason I line to talk to a person not a machine

  5. The bank is essential to the life of the town and part of the community, if it shuts it doors on us it diminishes its own status as “The Bank of Scotland.”

  6. I want to speak to a person not a machine when I have a problem. My wife and I are in our eighties and need help regularly from the very helpful staff.

  7. PLEASE DON’T CLOSE THIS BANK!!!! I rely on it for regular in person deposits that require the service of a teller. If it closes, I will have to drive all the way to Elgin every few weeks in order to make these deposits, which are my main source of funds. I am of course not the only person who would be affected by this closure. We need a bank in Forres that we can walk into. This is a highly populated area.

  8. Now more than ever we need to encourage footfall in our town centre.
    This could be the perfect time for a shared banks/financial hub in the secure premises that is the Bank of Scotland. I do not know of any shared financial hubs in the north of Scotland. Perhaps Bank of Scotland impending closure could have a stay of execution while this is considered or instigated?
    The Post Office often won’t/cannot accommodate the needs of those who do not hold accounts with them.
    I have not noticed any mention of provision of a mobile bank in Forres should this ill thought out totally disagreeable bank closure goes ahead.

  9. Besides all the reasons given not to close the Bank of Scotland another is that the building itself is an architectural gem and too many of the iconic building in the High street are standing empty. I changed to BOS because my bank closed down and am very upset that now the BOS which has a central position in the High street, is closing. Another empty space in a declining high street . Please rethink this unpopular decision!


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