Findhorn’s Bakehouse brings organic food market to Forres town centre

A new food outlet popped up in the high street today (Thursday) offering a wide selection of local, organically-grown fruit and veg, bakes and cakes.

Operated by The Bakehouse cafe at Findhorn, the temporary shop will sell bread and treats from the Findhorn Bakery, local fresh organic produce, Wester Hardmuir fruit, and patisserie from Gateaux-Regal in Nairn two days a week for three weeks initially.

In collaboration with Findhorn Bay Arts, which operates the pop-up facility at 86 High Street, the new partnership aligns with the aims of both organisations of promoting and supporting local businesses and will ‘contribute to the creative regeneration right in the heart of Forres’ High Street’.

Co-owner of the Bakehouse David Hoyle said there was a long-term friendship between the two organisations and they had worked together previously at the Findhorn Bay Festival.

Cafe closed, food market open

He said: “We closed the cafe at the start of the virus and reopened next day as a local food market.

“About a third of our customers and suppliers are in Forres so in these times, coming closer seemed the right thing to do.

“We are long-term believers in the high street. We will be indoors and hope to have an open outdoor format in time.

“We will do three two-day events to start, and if all goes well we would intend to meet the demand for the food we promote.

Findhorn Bay Arts director Kresanna Aigner said: “We are working in collaboration with The Bakehouse over the next three weeks to bring you a pop-up shop celebrating, promoting and selling local fresh, organic produce including fruit and vegetables and freshly baked bread.

“The local community will have an opportunity to eat high quality local food as well as supporting local food producers and the local economy. Some of the total turnover will go directly towards the charitable aims of Findhorn Bay Arts.”

Taking guidance from the Government, social distancing measures will be adhered at all times.

Opening times:
Thursdays 18 and Friday 19 June
Thursday 25 and Friday 26 June
Thursday 2 and Friday 3 July
11am – 3pm at 86 High Street, Forres

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