Amazon trader drops Moray postal ‘excess’

An Amazon trader which tried to charge a customer an extra £25 because he was in Moray, has changed its postal policy after being taken to task over the excessive fee.

Moray MP Douglas Ross has welcomed the decision made by the English company trading on Amazon to no longer charge extra to deliver to Moray. Douglas had contacted them to raise one of the many constituency cases he receives about hidden costs incurred with an online order after the point of sale.

Douglas said, “I contacted the company which is based in the West Midlands after a constituent told me that they had received an email after purchasing an item online which stated that they must pay an extra £25 for delivery.

“Like a lot of these cases, when I challenged the company about this hidden cost, they explained that they were relying on a courier which bases its delivery costs on postcodes.

“It is clear these couriers are discriminating against people living in Moray and across the Highlands and Islands area by applying these extra delivery charges. I very much welcome the decision by this company to apply free shipping from now on.

“It seems when we bang the drum and call out this practice, some companies do listen. However, we need to keep up the pressure to finally see an end to unfair and excessive delivery charges.”

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